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Leadership Conference Focused on the Mission

One live experience, two options:



(limited to 500)

5 Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions led by a panel of sought-after speakers who will challenge, provoke and inspire you to lead boldly into the future.

9 Breakout Workshops

Carefully curated breakout sessions led by guest presenters and Resurrection staff, addressing essential subjects facing churches and leaders.

Network with Leaders

Connect with leaders from a variety of church sizes and contexts. You’ll find fellowship and share ideas with colleagues from around the world.

6 Months of Video Access*

Get exclusive access to the full library of sessions from the entire conference – both plenary and breakout workshops.
*Some keynote sessions may only be available for 30 days.

Optional Session on the Future of the UMC

An optional Thursday evening session with Adam Hamilton and additional denominational leaders to discuss options for the future of the United Methodist Church

Last Year's Keynote Speakers

Our keynote speakers are uniquely positioned to address today’s toughest issues and will challenge, provoke and inspire you to lead boldly into the future.
Bob Goff
Author and Speaker, Love Does and Dream Big
Savannah Kimberlin
Director of Research Solutions at Barna Group
Kevin Murriel
Senior Pastor at Cascade UMC & Author of Breaking the Color Barrier: A Vision for Church Growth
Adam Hamilton
Senior Pastor at Church of the Resurrection

Last Year's Breakout Workshops

Breakout workshops led by guest presenters and Resurrection staff address important topics facing churches and leaders today. There are two sessions to attend live, and all nine workshops will be available to watch online for six months after the conference.
Audrey Warren
Audrey Warren
Senior Pastor, First UMC, Miami, FL
Khalia Williams
Khalia Williams
Asst. Dean of Worship & Music, and Asst. Professor, Candler School of Theology
Tom Berlin
Tom Berlin
Senior Pastor, Floris UMC, Herndon, VA
See More About Speakers and workshops

One Conference, One Schedule

All times are Central Daylight Time.
Whether online or in-person, all participants will have the same schedule. Nationally renowned speakers will bring their unique insights to some of today's most significant issues for the church, and you’ll come away encouraged and empowered to lead your church forward.

Wednesday, Sept 29

6:30 pm

Opening Worship and General Session 1 - Adam Hamilton

Thursday, Sept 30

8:30 am

Online Sponsor and Community Engagement Time

9:00 am

General Session 2 - Kevin Murriel

10:15 am


10:45 am

General Session 3 - Savannah Kimberlin and Adam Hamilton

12:15 pm

Lunch (Lunch included for In Person Guests)

1:30 pm

Online Sponsor and Community Engagement Time

2:00 pm

Breakout Workshop 1

3:00 pm


3:30 pm

Breakout Workshop 2

4:30 pm

Dinner Break (Dinner included for In Person Guests)

6:30 pm

Optional Session: The Future of the United Methodist Church

Friday, Oct 1

8:30 am

Online Sponsor and Community Engagement Time

9:00 am

General Session 4 - Adam Hamilton

10:15 am


10:45 am

General Session 5 & Closing - Bob Goff

12:15 pm

Dismissal (Lunch included for In Person Guests)

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What makes online participation special?
Access all sessions from any device – participate from your couch!
Online discussion threads, chat rooms and direct messages
Connect one-on-one with our amazing conference sponsors
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The in-person event is limited to 500 participants.
While space is available
Young Adult (30 & under) Price is $129!
What makes in-person participation special?
Take a deeper dive with keynote speakers during lunchtime bonus talks
Receive two lunches, one dinner, and refreshments during breaks
Reunite face-to-face with your network of church leader colleagues
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