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Whether you participate online or in person, Leadership Institute 2021 is a great opportunity to invest in your leadership. You'll experience the same schedule and the same speakers.

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Register to Attend Online

We'll be posting more information about Leadership Institute on this website over the next few weeks, so check back soon to learn more!
Have a group of people watching online? Check out details Watch Parties!
What makes online participation special?
Access all sessions from any device – participate from your couch!
Online discussion threads, chat rooms and direct messages
Connect one-on-one with our amazing conference sponsors
Learn More about Attending online

To see the In-Person option, use slider button above.

Register to Attend In Person

The in-person event is limited to 500 participants.
While space is available
Young Adult (30 & under) Price is $129!
What makes in-person participation special?
Take a deeper dive with keynote speakers during lunchtime bonus talks
Receive two lunches, one dinner, and refreshments during breaks
Reunite face-to-face with your network of church leader colleagues
Learn More about Attending In Person

To see the Online option, use slider button above.
Register Now
See Cancellation Policy

What's a Watch Party?

Gather up to 10 people to engage in the online conference together. You will receive one login to the online experience platform to watch on the day of the event (for use on up to 2 screens).

Your team can gather together for a time of strategic planning and debriefing during lunch breaks or at the end of the day. This is a great opportunity to engage in leadership development and then dream together how you might implement what you’ve learned in your context. You have access to the on-demand replay of the sessions for the next 6 months*, so you can gather your group together any time to re-watch a session or any of the breakout workshops.

How much does it cost?


Have more than 10 participants? Purchase additional watch parties in increments of 10, and receive an additional log in to the online experience platform.

How do I register for a watch party?

Use the same registration form, but select "Watch Party" as the registration type.

*Note: The replay for the Keynote Session with Bob Goff is limited to 30 days after the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about registering for Leadership Institute? See our FAQs here. If your question still isn't answered, please email us!

See All FAQs

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Online Admission:

Refunds will not be extended for cancellations of the Online Admission. The entirety of the conference content will be available for participants for 6 months* after the live event ends. With this extended access there is no need to cancel your registration if you find you are unable to participate on the days of the live event.

*Note: The replay for the Keynote Session with Bob Goff is limited to 30 days after the event.

In-Person Admission:

Should you need to cancel your In-Person registration, we will exchange your In-Person Admission to an Online Only Admission and refund the difference in ticket price through August 17. After August 17, we can still transfer your In-Person Admission to an Online Admission, but we are unable to provide any refund.

Do we need a separate online registration for everyone in our group?

Yes. Each online registration purchased is intended for one participant. This is on the honor system. Each participant needs their own registration with a unique email address to access the Online Experience platform and for the 6 month access to the video library after the live event.

We trust if your team intends to watch the conference together that you will purchase a registration for each participant. Alternatively, you may purchase a Watch Party Admission in increments of 10 participants. Learn more about Watch Parties on the <<Registration page.>>

Can we register Online and In-Person guests on the same registration?

Yes. You can register Online attendees and In-Person attendees in your group on the same registration form. You will select the In-Person or Online experience on the Registration Items page for each attendee. You may register up to 20 attendees on one form.

We want to register a large group. Can you help?

Yes! We are so grateful you have a large group participating at Leadership Institute. You can register up to 20 guests on the registration form; however, if you’d like assistance, call us at 913-232-4139 or email us at so we can connect and determine the best way for your large group to register. We will work to make the process as simple as possible for you.

Demographic Information to Gather

If you're registering a group, gather the following information for each participant prior to registration.

Annual Conference (If United Methodist)
Church’s Average Weekly Worship Attendance
Church Role
Primary Area of Ministry
First time to attend Leadership Institute? How many times have you attended?
Member of the clergy? Which seminary did you attend?

Contact Information to Gather

If you're registering a group, gather the following contact information prior to registration.

Email Address
Mobile Number
Church/Organization Address/City/State/Zip
Home Address/City/State/Zip (where you will receive individualized important event information)

Is there special pricing for students, young adults, international guests or groups?

Leadership Institute 2021 is packed with speakers and do-not-miss content. The Online Experience Admission is value priced with the intention of being accessible by all leaders. As such, there are no discounted prices beyond the Early Bird pricing for the Online Experience. There is a Young Adult (under 30) price of $129 for the In-Person Admission. As an alternative, consider bringing together a group to view the conference together through a Watch Party for 10, which is offered a reduced price of $549.

What should I do if one of our group members does not have an email address?

Our registration software and Online Experience platform requires that each participant registers and logs in using a unique email address. We are unable to make an exception. If someone from your group does not have an email address, we recommend using a general church email address, the personal email address for someone else in your group or creating a gmail account for this group member.

Why am I receiving an error on the payment screen during registration?

Over time, we've found most credit card payment errors are due to an Address Mismatch. Please be sure the billing address entered on the Payment Information page matches the billing information on file with your credit card company (the address where you receive your credit card bill). If you are unable to complete your payment, select to Pay by Check and finish the registration. Then, contact us at or 913-232-4139 and we will assist you with a credit card payment.

Payment Options

Full payment is required upon registration.

Payment Type: Check or Credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover are accepted)

If you are paying by check, please remit within 10 days of registration. The Registrar reserves the right to cancel check registrations not paid in full within 10 days after attempting to make contact. Please include name(s) and registration number(s) with check remittance.

Remit check to:

Church of the Resurrection
Attn: Leadership Institute Registrar
13720 Roe Avenue
Leawood, KS 66224

Who can I contact if my question isn't answered here?

Email us at or call us at 913-232-4139. One of our ShareChurch teammates is happy to help you.