Developing a Care Ministry for Churches of All Sizes

Type: Presentation

Care ministry is key to retention and meaningful engagement of members with the church, providing space where they are cared for and where they help care for others. Responsibility for this ministry, however, does not need to rest in the hands of the pastor alone, where it often can be draining, delivered sporadically, or relegated to a lower status. Are you satisfied with the way your church provides care? Are you practicing a Wesleyan understanding of the “priesthood of all believers” by inviting lay people to serve in care? Are you utilizing care as leverage to invite people into deeper commitment to Christ? Are your systems of care effectively ensuring no one is left out or left behind? Come learn how Church of the Resurrection has addressed these questions and how you can do the same for your church.

Workshop Presenters

Anne  Gatobu

Executive Director of Locations & Care

Claire Clough

Care  Central Lead Director

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